POE Scholarship – Female Senior

The $400 scholarship (in memory of Paula Kendall and Sue DuBois) will be awarded to a female high school senior student who is serious about furthering her education.  The scholarship is funded by the local Chapter IQ of the P.E. O. Sisterhood.  It may be used for college or technical school and will be paid to her at the beginning of her first semester. If the recipient fails to enroll in college or technical school for the first semester, she forfeits her scholarship.       Please complete the information required (below and on page 2 and 3). We ask that you submit your application in the neatest and most complete method, preferably in a typed or keyboarded format.  RETURN THIS FORM TO THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR NO LATER THAN MARCH 29, 2012.  


Name ___________________________

Address _________________________

City ____________________________

High School ______________________


ACT Score:  ______________________

Grade Point Average _______________

Year of Graduation _________________

SCHOOL ACTIVIITES:  Include clubs, sports, etc. List offices held where applicable.)


OTHER INTERESTS:  (Include talents and community involvement)


WRITE a paragraph or two stating your reasons for applying for this scholarship and your educational goals.


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