ACT Prep Workshop

When: Saturday, March 31st from 8:00am-12:00pm
Where: Emporia High School library
Cost: $8 for Science prep and $17 for English prep

To print off Registration Form go to:

Presenters: Mr. Richard Irby, English teacher at Wichita Trinity Academy &
Mr. Matt Irby, Science teacher at Emporia High School (
SCIENCE (and suggestions for math and reading): 8am-9:10am
Itinerary: The Science portion of the workshop will begin first, running from 8:00am till 9:10am. Students can choose to just attend this session, just attend the English session, or attend both. Prices are above, depending on the students‟ wants or needs.
Format: During this part of the workshop, students will receive an ACT test/booklet with an analysis of each question/problem as well as an additional ACT sample set with practice problems. Students will also be given a sheet with tips, suggestions, and general concepts that will help with the science section of the ACT. (While there won‟t be direct instruction, there will be a sheet with tips and suggestions for the math and reading sections as well.)
Credentials: Mr. Matt Irby has taught Biology at Emporia High School for 7 years, Cell Biology/Microbiology for 5 years, Genetics for 5 years, and had taught Environmental Biology for 2 years. *This Fall’s workshop saw an overall score increase of almost 2 points per person.
ENGLISH: 9:15am-12pm
Credentials: Mr. Richard Irby is in his thirty-ninth year of teaching high school English, predominantly with Seniors.
Background for ACT workshop: “I recognized more than twenty years ago that students couldn‟t absorb/apply the information found in their 300-page grammar books; this was too overwhelming of a task. To alleviate this problem, I have condensed those grammar books into nineteen punctuation rules and twenty-two grammar rules. What has surprised me is that I ended up having no student make a punctuation or grammar error that could not be found on these two pages of handouts. And last year was my twenty-first year using these rules! Approximately 30% of the ACT questions/problems involve one of five writing strategies (such as choosing the most concise and/or most descriptive option). However, about 70% of the questions/problems deal with a mechanics issue—and 100% of all the mechanics issues can be found on my two pages of handouts…” –Mr. Richard Irby
Past ACT successes: Students who have taken Mr. Irby‟s English classes have consistently scored higher on their ACT tests. One example is a student who had a 21 on the English part of the ACT when he began the class in the fall of „06; he retook the ACT in the spring of „07 and obtained a 35 on the English part of the ACT. Concerning success from a three-hour ACT workshop, the most improved scores from the past three workshops have ranged from 8 to 11-point increases (35 students from a previous workshop averaged a 3.51 score increase—26% improved by 6 to 8 points).
The ACT Workshop: Students will be provided their own copies of these grammar and punctuation rules, along with some punctuation and grammar exercises to be covered during this workshop that will help them become proficient with these rules. They will also be provided with two paragraphs from a recent ACT test, along with an analysis of which punctuation and grammar rules (and/or which of the 5 strategies) applied to each problem/option.
*More details will be emailed out to those who sign up, and the workshop will be capped at 75 people! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-
Send this form and money to Emporia High School (attn: Matt Irby) by March 28th.
(checks made out to EHS)
Student Name: ______________________________ Email Address: ______________________________
Please check which session(s) you will attend: Science only ($8)___ English only ($17) ___ Both ($25)___


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