Up and Coming Professionals Accounting Scholarships

To apply go to: http://www.kscpa.org/up_and_coming_professionals/scholarships

High School Merit Scholarships Available to Students Entering Kansas Colleges & Universities

Scholarship amounts:

  • One (1) at $1,300
  • One (1) at $900
  • One (1) at $800
  • One (1) at $700
  • One (1) at $600
  • Fifteen (15) at $500


  • Submission of Test Scores – March 7, 2012
  • Submission of application – April 18, 2012

Offered to high school seniors without regard to financial need who will be entering a Kansas college or university the following academic school year and plan to major in accounting.

Applicants are required to have ACT or SAT test scores submitted by a counselor or teacher and must complete and submit a comprehensive application designed to demonstrate their leadership activities and written communication skills.

Scholarships are selected by the KSCPA Accounting Recruitment & Education Committee.


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