Burlingame Chamber of Commerce – Scholarship

The Burlingame Chamber of Commerce awards at least one $500 scholarship each year to a graduating senior.

Applications are available in Mrs. Smith’s office. Deadline is April 10th.


Burlingame Rotary Club Scholarships

Burlingame Rotary Club will offer two scholarships for Burlingame High School seniors.

– $250.00 cash scholarship for seniors who plan to attend any college in the fall 2012 semester

– Scholarship for Seniors who plan to attend Burlingame Campus -Allen County Community College in the Fall of 2012. The actual amount awarded, up to the cost of tuition and book rental, is based on the student’s grade point average and other criteria.

Applications are available in Mrs. Smith’s office and need to be submitted to the Burlingame Campus of Allen County Community College by April 11th.

Washburn Pre-Law Camp

This summer Washburn University will once again be hosting a Pre-Law Camp for high school students and incoming college freshmen July 16-19, 2012. The camp offers an enriching, educational, and fun opportunity for participants to learn about the study of law. The camp features lectures by faculty from both the pre-law and law school faculty, practicing attorneys, mock trial coaches, and current Washburn students that help campers understand what a legal education entails. Specific topics that are discussed during the camp include: How to apply for law school, How to prepare for the LSAT, How to survive a pre-law and a legal education, An overview of the legal rules of evidence, and An overview of intercollegiate Mock Trial. In an effort to apply knowledge gained during the camp and to hone communication skills, participants will also have the opportunity to prepare for and take part in an actual mock trial.


See Mrs. Smith for brochure and registration deadlines.

ECKAN scholarship – Deadline April 4th

It is time to take applications for the ECKAN scholarship.    The deadline to receive applications in our central office is April 4th. Seniors had this application in their mailboxes a while back.

I have included a copy of the application and guidelines in case you have anyone wanting to apply

Please note on the application it does ask for income and other information to be sent with the application in order to be considered complete.

ECKAN Scholarship Application                                                                                    Page 1 of 2


Personal Data

Name of Applicant:  ____________________________________________________________


Address:  _____________________________________________________________________


Phone:  (    ) _____________  Age _____  Male _____ Female _____ SS# _________________


Parents’ Name:  ______________________________


Parents Address (if different from yours):  ___________________________________________



Academic Data

High School you are attending:  ____________________________________________________


Name of Colleges/Universities you plan to attend:  ____________________________________




What do you plan to major in?  ____________________________________________________


To which colleges/universities have you applied? ______________________________________




What ones have you been accepted at? ______________________________________________




What extracurricular activities have you participated in?  ________________________________






What special honors or awards have you received?  ____________________________________



Financial Data

Annual family gross income:  ______________________________

(Please provide a copy of your family’s 2011 IRS Tax Form for eligibility)


Total number of family members in the household, including yourself:  ____________________


ECKAN Scholarship Application (continued)                                                                       Page 2 of 2


Anticipated college expenses:

Tuition (full year)              $_______________

Books                                          $_______________

Room and Board              $_______________


Total                            $_______________


Amount you and/or your family can contribute:

Tuition (per year)              $_______________

Books                                          $_______________

Room and Board              $_______________


Total                            $_______________


Other aid confirmed or anticipated:

Scholarship(s)                            $_______________

Grants                                          $_______________

Loans                                          $_______________


Total                            $_______________


With this application you must include:

(a)   All above, completed information

(b)   A high school transcript (must show grade point average)

(c)    Three letters or recommendation from teachers, principal or guidance counselor

(d)   A written essay to not less than 250, nor more than 500 words, on “Why I want to go to college.”


Send all of the above information to:

Richard Jackson, CEO, ECKAN

1320 S. Ash,               P. O. Box 40

Ottawa, KS 66067-0040



Deadline for receiving application is April 4, 2012.


Please note:  you must meet certain income guidelines and residence guidelines.

Contact  counselor for income guidelines.






            The P.E.O. Sisterhood is an international organization known as a “philanthropic educational organization” whose primary purpose is the promotion of educational opportunities for women.  This endeavor includes scholarships, educational loans and educational grants.  The P.E. O. Sisterhood also owns and operates Cottey College, a two year liberal arts college for women in Nevada, Missouri.

The $500 scholarship (in memory of Paula Kendall and Sue DuBois) will be awarded to a female high school senior student who is serious about furthering her education.  The scholarship is funded by the local Chapter IQ of the P.E. O. Sisterhood.  It may be used for college or technical school and will be paid to her at the beginning of her first semester. If the recipient fails to enroll in college or technical school for the first semester, she forfeits her scholarship.

Please complete the information required (below and on page 2 and 3). We ask that you submit your application in the neatest and most complete method, preferably in a typed or keyboarded format.  RETURN THIS FORM TO THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR NO LATER THAN MARCH 29, 2012. 



Name ___________________________

Address _________________________

City ____________________________

High School ______________________



ACT Score:  ______________________

Grade Point Average _______________

Year of Graduation _________________

SCHOOL ACTIVIITES:  Include clubs, sports, etc. List offices held where applicable.)











OTHER INTERESTS:  (Include talents and community involvement)












WRITE a paragraph or two stating your reasons for applying for this scholarship and your educational goals.

Neosho County Community College Preview Day

Juniors and Senior are invited to Panther Preview Day April 11, 2012

To register go to: http://www.neosho.edu/ProspectiveStudents/Admissions/PantherPreviewDay.aspx

Registration: 8:45am-9:20am
Program: 9:20am-1:50pm

Neosho County Community College
800 West 14th Street
Chanute, KS 66720 Panther Preview Day is an excellent opportunity for high school juniors and seniors along with their families to come see what NCCC has to offer you! Come join the NCCC family for a fun filled information day.