Hagan Scholarship

Applicants must mail to HSF a complete Scholarship Application Package by November 15, 2012.

To apply, go to: http://haganscholarships.org/index.php


Description of Scholarship

Each Hagan Scholarship will help pay the unmet financial need of the recipient, up to $5,000 per semester.

  1. The dollar amount of each scholarship will be determined by HSF by totaling the recipient’s cost for Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies; then, deducting the dollar amount of the recipient’s FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and the dollar amount of ALL grants, scholarships, awards and waivers obtained by or awarded to the recipient.
  2. Personal and transportation costs are the responsibility of the recipient.
  3. Parents must pay their FAFSA EFC, if any, at the start of each semester in order to be eligible for funding of a Hagan Scholarship.
  4. The scholarship award amount can be increased to offset expiration of other scholarships, grants and awards received by recipient.
  5. Each scholarship is renewable for up to seven (7) additional semesters if the recipient fulfills the renewal criteria and attends the mandatory workshops, regardless of recipient’s unmet financial need.
  6. Recipients who successfully renew their scholarship will be eligible to apply for an International Study Grant.
  7. Recipients must attend a mandatory free summer workshop prior to the start of each academic year of college.
  8. Recipients must work a minimum of 240 hours prior to the start of each academic year of college and provide proof of employment to HSF.

Recipients of a scholarship will be selected on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, regardless of applicant’s race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, disability or sex.

For more information read Q&A or contact the school counselor or a teacher or the principal of your high school.


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