Washburn University

Senior Days: October 8th, November 9th, November 30, January 25th

Junior Days: February 18th, March 2nd, April 5th

Register at: https://www2-prod.washburn.edu/events/index.php?department=22&form=senior-days&survey=true#scid=2758410&cid=1153455&tc=12102207185431874&rl_key=2b3e09ddf0977ac6f018fefc55d155f4

Scholarship Exam Dates

9a.m. Saturday – November 17, Topeka, KS

6:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 12th, Topeka, KS

Register at: https://www2-prod.washburn.edu/events/index.php?department=22&form=garvey-exam&survey=true#scid=2758410&cid=1153455&tc=12102207185431874&rl_key=2b3e09ddf0977ac6f018fefc55d155f4



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