Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund (JMSMSF)

Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund (JMSMSF)

High School Academic Year 2012/2013 Scholarship Criteria Sheet

 See Mrs. Smith for Application Form.

  1. I.                   Qualification/Eligibility


  1. US Citizen or permanent resident of US
  2. GPA of 3.0/equivalent or higher (out of a 4.0 scale)
  3. High School Senior who will matriculate full-time at a US accredited four-year college or university within the fifty states or District of Columbia starting at the beginning of the fall semester or quarter of 2013.
  4. Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participating in community services or other extra curricular activities
  5. Combined adjusted income of the parents cannot exceed $100,000.


  1. II.                Required Documentation


  1. Application– Each candidate must submit a complete and timely application.  An application will be considered incomplete and not processed if all instructions have not been followed or the material presented is insufficient to permit an adequate review. Do not send supplemental or corrected material after the deadline date.  Applications must be typed or completed with the use of a black/blue writing ink pen.  The staff of the JMSMSF will not accept any application packet or portion thereof that is filled out with a pencil.  Application and required documents should be neat and easy to read.  Materials should be impeccable in terms of appearance and legibility.  .  Application packet should be mailed to:


Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund

                        ATTN: Abraham Scott

Post Office Box 1023

                        Springfield, Virginia  22151


  1. Official Transcript– An official copy of the applicant’s high school transcript provided by the high school staff in a sealed envelope must be included in the application packet.  Submission of an application along with the required documents for this scholarship constitutes your authorization for the JMSMSF Scholarship Selection Committee to review your academic record.


  1. Letters of Recommendation – Each packet must include two letters of recommendation (LOR).  One of the letters must be from a faculty member who has taught the applicant in the classroom. Each LOR must include the reference’s name, address, telephone number, and information regarding how long and in what capacity he or she has known the applicant.


  1. Financial Document – The submission packet must include a copy of the applicant’s Student Aid Report from the Department of Education or FAFSA.  If either one of these reports is not available, the applicant can submit a copy of his/her parent(s)  2012 (WILL NOT ACCEPT 2011 OR ANY OTHER PRIOR YEAR’S INCOME TAX RETURNS) income tax return (Submit only the front and back of the 2012 IRS Form 1040 or IRS Form 1040 EZ). 


  1. High School Senior Picture – A high school senior picture or a picture taken above the waistline and in color.  The picture must be an original or printed on official photo paper.  Do not submit any picture taken at an angle.   Applicant is required to print his/her full name on the reverse-side of the picture.  


  1. Essay – Each candidate must provide a 500-1000 word essay focusing on “Describing his or her planned undergraduate study and how he or she plans to apply it upon graduation”.  Essay technical requirements: double space, 11 point font size, one (1) inch margin on all sides, submit original only, submit in English, and certify authorship/originality at the end of the essay.  The essay will be evaluated on originality, content, thought provoking ideas, innovation, and concepts previously unpublished. Applicant must certify the authenticity or /propriety ship of the writing at the end of their essay by affixing the below statement and then signing beneath it.


“I certify that I personally wrote this essay”





  1. Application Submission Instructions: Do not staple or place paper-clips on any documents in the submission packet.  White-out or line-through with an ink-pen any sensitive information such as social security numbers on any documents in the application submission packet. 

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