Emporia State Federal Credit Union Scholarships – ESU

Website: http://www.esfcu.com/emporia/Scholarship.asp


The Emporia State Federal Credit Union sponsors a permanently endowed academic scholarship to students who will be attending Emporia State University.  The Credit Union is pleased to be able to recognize and reward member students who have demonstrated a high degree of success while engaged in a rigorous academic program of study comprised of a variety of challenging courses.

Who qualifies for this Scholarship?
           Anyone who has been a member (in good standing) of Emporia State Federal Credit Union for at least one year prior to the term for which the application is submitted AND who will be attending Emporia State University.

Scholarship Criteria
          Other specific criteria used by the Scholarship Committee in making its selection will require that applicants:

  • give evidence of achieving a high school GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.4 or higher, or a composite score of at least 23 on the ACT.  Official documents must accompany the application;
  • demonstrate a cumulative college/university GPA of 3.25 or higher (for those currently enrolled in higher education);
  • clearly document all extracurricular activity involvement;
  • give proof of their demonstrated leadership skills and ability, and
  • show how they have contributed positively as a citizen of the community in which they reside

More about the Scholarship

  • Credit Union members (only) who meet the criteria stated herein are encouraged to complete the application (see download the application below) and return it to the Emporia State Federal Credit Union by March 1.  The award will be made for the following fall and spring semesters.
  • The Scholarship Selection Committee may give consideration to previously selected recipients; however, they shall be judged on the same criteria as all new applicants and will not be afforded special consideration.
  • To receive this award, applicants must be enrolled as an undergraduate at Emporia State University in at least 12 hours each semester.
  • This scholarship is to be awarded on an annual (two semester) basis beginning with the fall semester.
  • The Selection Committee may, if conditions warrant, award the sum of available scholarship funds to more than one recipient, thereby sharing the scholarship award.

How to Apply

Please download the application, fill it out completely, and return it to the credit union

If you have any questions, please contact a Member Service Representative at 620-342-2336 or 866-342-2336.


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